Gerald Cohen, Composer

Cohen composes with a strong sense of tradition–one that embraces Brahms, Bartok and Britten on one hand and his own Jewish heritage on the other. … a cantor himself, Cohen’s songs and his Passover cantata V’higad’ta L’vincha display a linguistic fluidity and a melodic gift that hints at what the Hebrew liturgy might be like today if Britten had changed faiths.

–Ken Smith,

Gramophone Magazine

Gerald Cohen’s music speaks to us through its ability to respond to the personal, translating these emotions through his musical craft into an art that is expressive, important and vitally alive. That is the touchstone of his work, and its connection to a living, ongoing tradition.

–Michael Kannen,

from program notes to CD

Generations: Music of Gerald Cohen


Performance by the Cassatt String Quartet at Symphony Space:

The Cassatt String Quartet will perform “Playing for our lives” as part of the concert “From a Vanished World,” on Dec. 6, 2012 at Symphony Space, New York.

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Read a program note about this composition

Read an article about this composition

Premiere of the opera “Steal a Pencil for Me”:

My new opera “Steal a Pencil for Me,” with libretto by Deborah Brevoort, will have its premiere (in concert form) on April 28 and 30, 2013, in Scarsdale and New York City. The opera is a love story set in the Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, and is based on the book by Dutch survivors Jaap and Ina Polak

Read about this opera

Learn more about the story of the Polaks

Cantabile performs “Lakol Z’man”

The chamber chorale, Cantabile will perform my “Lakol Z’man––For Everything a Season” (Text from Ecclesiastes) as part of their 25th anniversary concert on Dec. 1, 2012. This piece was commissioned by Cantabile in 2004.

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