Sea Of Reeds, for two clarinets and piano

Sea of Reeds: Five Hebrew songs for two clarinets and piano (2009)–15′
Commissioned by the Grneta Ensemble
Also arranged (2012) for clarinet, viola and piano

Click here for sample of “Sea of Reeds” score (pdf)

I work in two musical words which frequently intersect—that as a composer and cantor.  I often write music for Jewish services, or concert music based on Jewish texts.  These five pieces are a suite made of arrangements for the Grneta Ensemble of music originally written for solo voice or chorus.  It has been a great pleasure to make these new arrangements, and I have since also arranged my songs for violin and piano, and for clarinet, viola and piano.

Hariu Ladonai is a setting of the joyous Psalm 100, a poem which asks all the earth to give a “shout of joy” in praise of God.

Adonai Ro’i is a setting of Psalm 23, one of the most famous of the Psalms “the Lord is my Shepherd”—which is often used as a consolation for those in mourning.

Dodi Li Vaani Lo, originally for chorus, is a setting from the Song of Songs, the Biblical poem celebrating romantic and physical love.

Y’varech’cha is a setting of the text used as a blessing from parents to children at the beginning of the Sabbath celebration.

Dayeinu, also from a choral piece, is based on one of the most famous sections of the Passover Haggadah—a song of thanks to God for deliverance from slavery to freedom.

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